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Lights over the Mekong

Our organization, recognized as in the public interest by the French government, contributes to rural development through different projects. The first of these projects aims to enable children from the poorest families to have lasting access to light.


How ? By building collective solar installations in schools.

These installations enable them to recharge solar lamps that are distributed for free to the children.

Our organization participates in the villages' development through the improvement of the childrens' level of education thanks to these different programs:       


1- the donation of solar lamps to children with no electricity at home enables them to do their homework and to read more in the evening.

2- providing solar panels to primary schools with no access to electricity enables:

-the schools to provide additional classes after 6 pm

-the teachers to use new tools and teaching materials

-increases attendance

-improves the overall level of students

3- sponsorship of children


In Cambodia, almost a third of the population perished under the Khmer Rouge regime. The country has 16 million inhabitants, 80% of which lives in rural areas with very few means.

Poverty often forces parents to emigrate to Thailand to find work, leaving their children behind with family, often the grandparents, living in cramped homes, with little income and difficult conditions.


Our lamps : 

We work with a local manufacturer located near the capital, Phnom Penh, also contributing to the professional integration of the local workforce. 

Solar energy is very well accepted by the population, and it enables these childrens to have access to an efficient, modern, sustainable, non-polluting energy source, which also avoids young children using oil lamps or candles, which continue to cause many accidents.

These installations are also regularly and efficiently monitored through the implementation of registers. We also ensure the collection of used batteries, further contributing to environmental preservation.

This monitoring is taken care not only by the members of our organization, but also by the villagers themselves.


Electrification of schools:

We currently work with a partner, the endowment fund Synergie Solaire represented by Mrs. Mme Hélène DEMAEGDT. We are of course more than happy to welcome other partners, as the task at hand is enormous. We are certain that you will be convinced by our seriousness, our direct implication in the field, and our constant strive for efficiency, notably towards the optimal use of our funding.



We sponsor children from poor and dedicated families known by our organization living in the villages we have projects in.

This sponsorship is based on free and responsive communication between sponsors and sponsees. We establish a contract with each family specifying the sponsorship conditions, namely: the money received by the family can only be used towards the child's needs and their health, and school attendance is mandatory. The child's sponsors are regularly kept up to date on the child's situation. 



We have a representative in Cambodia, as well as a local representative in the villages. Both are teachers.

Our organization functions primarily thanks to our members' dues, donations from private partners, as well as by the association's members' implication in the field. Notre association fonctionne principalement grâce aux cotisations de nos adhérents, aux dons de partenaires privés ainsi que par l'investissement sur le terrain des membres de l'association.


Presentation of the President and Founder:


Mr Laurent Talou, President  of Lights  on  the  Mékong:
I discovered Cambodia almost 18 years ago thanks to a dearly missed friend, now deceased, Mr Pao Sithonna, a French man of Cambodian descent.
He gave me the passion for the country and introduced me to the Khmer community in the Toulouse area.
My actions started slowly, first through the sponsorship of children which continues to this day.
My increased passion for and knowledge of the country brought me to create my own organization.
Now, I am continuing on this path out of love for the children, and I hope that with your help we can successfully implement grand projects.
Thanks to all who believe... 
Marie Thérèse
Marie-Louise Oggero