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Our lamps

Our methods and philosophy

Methods :

Thanks to your donations, Lumières sur le Mekong (Lights over the Mekong) can buy and install photovoltaic solar panels in Cambodia.

These panels charge the little lamps you see above. We install them on the roofs of schools. At the end of the school day, the children pick up a fully charged lamp to bring home so they can do their homework in optimal conditions.

We use several types of lamps, all are reliable and have several days of autonomy. Furthermore, we favor local manufacturing. 

The labor and materials for the electrification of the schools is also local, nothing is imported from France, contributing to the country's economy and companies. 

Through our work we enable these companies to train young people in the solar energy field, one of the energies of the future highlighted by the COP 21. Solar has a lot of potential in Cambodia, one of the countries with the most sun in the world.

Our other actions

Lumières sur le Mékong often works where there are very few NGOs present, so we are often very sollicited for food aid for children in dire health conditions, as well as for more general aid for children in families living in very precarious situations.

We know the local population well as well as the families we have gotten to know as time goes by.

We can also choose to help a child through sponsorship.